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Paramount 3-in-1 Fabric Charging Cable

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*The from price shown is based on an end column purchase rate (approximately 2500 - 5000 units). Please note, minimum order requirements apply. Please refer to the product description.


The Paramout 3-in-1 Fabric Charging Cable includes a USB type C adapter and 2-in-1 dual compatible adapter for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

  • It is 110 inches long with a PU strap to wrap the cable. Supports charge of 2A current and data transfer. Not compatible with iPad Pro. Packed in a retail gift box.
  • Cotton Canvas
  • 2-piece premium gift box
  • Black
  • Cable: 2800mm x 5.5mm x 2.6mm, Box: 185mm x 83.5mm x 35mm, Strap: 100mm x 16mm x 0.5mm

Shipping Information

  • 50 pieces
  • 10.20 kgs
  • 38.3 cm
  • 19.3 cm
  • 43.8 cm