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Sanitizer Set Resil

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*The from price shown is based on an end column purchase rate (approximately 2500 - 5000 units). Please note, minimum order requirements apply. Please refer to the product description.

Minimum Order: 100

Hygienic set containing mask, sanitizing wipe and mask holder.

Presented in a compact size mask holder case, made of resistant PP material with a white finish and a wide printing area.

Contents: Hygienic triple-layer mask with heat-sealed finish, elastic fastening and adaptable nose clip for a tight fit. Outer and inner layers made of Non-Woven (polypropylene). Intermediate layer in Meltblown (composed of 90% polypropylene and 10% viscose). In compliance with UNE 0064-1:2020 . Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 95%. Breathability (differential pressure) < 60 Pa/cm2 Non-reusable. 3 Layers. Outside 1: Non-Woven (Polypropylene) Middle Layer: Meltblown (90% Polypropylene/ 10% Viscose). Outside 2: Non-Woven (Polypropylene).

1x hydro-alcoholic sanitizing wipe for cleaning and disinfecting hands and surfaces of frequent use (smartphones, shopping cart bars, keyboards...) Manufactured in compostable material and presented in a 2 ml single-dose pack, with a wide printing surface. Alcohol content: 70%. Size of the wipe (unfolded): 15,5x16,5 cm. Size of the envelope: 6,7x8 cm. Certification 94/62/EC available. Wipe 100% Compostable

1 x mask holder in resistant PP material. Its compact size allows it to be comfortably kept in the pocket due to the original type of closure, provided by the elastic bands of the mask (not included). With practical folding system, designed to obtain a quick access to the mask. Easy to disinfect after use and available in translucent and solid white finishes, ideal for printing.


8.5 x 6 x 1 cm