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Face Mask Adults Filter- 20 Pack

from $24.95 *

*The from price shown is based on an end column purchase rate (approximately 2500 - 5000 units). Please note, minimum order requirements apply. Please refer to the product description.

We’ve made it easy for you to replace the filters in your new masks with our 20 packs of PM 2.5 Activated Carbon mask filters. The filters perfectly fit into our adults face masks, providing you with an extra layer of protection.

Instruction for use: With normal daily use we recommend using a new filter every 2 days (Please note. Filters are non-washable, please dispose responsibly).

Medical disclaimer

This product is non-medical grade and is to be used for personal use only. It is not a replacement for following appropriate social distancing guidelines and practising good hygiene. Regarding the usage of these masks we make no medical claims.

Sizing: each filter is 12cm x 8cm

Materials: PP anti-sticking cloth, meltblown cloth and activated carbon cloth

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