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Denon AH-C620R Wired Earbuds with Music Control

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Aimed at those who want the very best sound whether traveling, working or relaxing, the new in-ear models are packed with advanced Denon technologies. It uses an 11.5mm driver, mounted in housings combining die-cast aluminum and resin, designed for rigidity and vibration-damping. --Undecorated Stock Available in 5 Working Days--

  • The AH-C620R comes complete with a high-quality cable and a 3-button remote controller including a microphone, letting you control music functions for your iPhone. Moreover, you can also use them to answer an incoming call or end the call. In addition, the AH-C620R is fitted with Comply T X400 ear-tips, which combine with the ergonomically-shaped housings to give a secure fit. The tips use memory foam activated by the heat of the user’s ears, and have an integral wax-guard to keep the inside of the earphones clean. Four sizes of silicon ear-tips are also provided, along with a carrying case and cable clip.
  • 2-piece premium gift box
  • Black
  • 88mm(H) X 50mm(W) X 50mm(D)

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