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Why Promotional Products?

Promotional products are an incredibly effective and low-cost  way of marketing your business, organisation or project. They are the perfect marketing tools for startups, small businesses and non-for-profit organisations in need of a simple way to spread important messages. These useful products will allow your brand to connect with consumers on a physical level.

The products can be used as giveaways or official merchandise that can create a new source of revenue. Consumers love giveaways and some of the best results come from branded promotional products that last. This could be something such as a drink bottle, the product keeps the consumer engaged for a long period of time because they are able to use the bottle for years. The best strategy is to give away items that consumers will use daily, the more they see your logo or message the more likely they are to engage. In a way these products act as a much better version of your business card. 


Here’s a couple of statistics the prove just how effective promotional products are: 

  • 89% of recipients can recall the advertiser even 2 years after receiving a promotional product
  • 85% of recipients do business with the advertiser 
  • 83% of people like to receive these products