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Direct to Garment

Direct-To-Garment printing is still a relatively new technology that overcomes many of the traditional boundaries associated with other styles of printing. DTG is excellent for reproducing photos, illustrations and intricate designs that are full of colour. Most excitingly we use Innobella Textile water-based inks which are OKEO-TEX® certified, as such they are completely environmentally friendly. 

The Process 

The process is relatively quick and simple. First the product that is being printed onto will be sprayed with a pre-treatment. Next a white base coat will be added by the printer if the product being printed is coloured. This is so the design will fully show up, if the product is a light colour this step isn’t necessary. One thing to take into account is that prints with the base coat will end up feeling slightly thicker because of the two layers. The coloured design will then be added and the product will placed in a heat tunnel for 10 minutes to cure. 

DTG has a very quick turnaround time and can prove to be a very cost-effective solution for printing in low volume. 

Tips for creating the best DTG prints: 

  • Images must be sent in high resolution 300dpi or higher 
  • Send through images as vector graphics 
  • DTG printing is for perfect for photographic and illustrative prints with diverse colours 
  • DTG printing well suited to all artworks from our collection

Care tips for your DTG products: 

  • Cold machine wash on a delicates setting 
  • Wash inside out 
  • Air dry out in the shade (sunlight will fade your garment) 
  • Do not iron directly over the print, if you must iron turn your garment inside out 
  • Do not tumble dry