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Top 2022 Wireless Tech Promo Product Trends

Top 2022 Wireless Tech Promo Product Trends

wireless tech promo products Wireless tech products. Courtesy of Shutterstock, 2022. 

When it comes to promotional products, it can be hard to keep up with the constant new trends. Connectivity is always trending, especially since our home and work lives have meshed together through the Covid-19 lockdowns. As such, we have done some research for you, into what tech promo products you should have on your radar for 2022.

We found that working remotely from home has led to many corporations and companies adopting hybrid work policies and needing flexibility in work spaces. Since, businesses everywhere are expected to follow suit, wireless promo products will be continuing to grow in demand. The need for wireless products will continue to grow as our world becomes firmly planted in the digital space. Nowadays, everything seems to be online, from our work meetings, to holiday celebrations and catching up with friends. Afterall, no one wants to be stuck working close to a power outlet with lots of cord clutter. So, help keep your remote employees connected, productive and happy, and your customers satisfied with the latest trending wireless tech promo products (Delta Marketing, 2022).

Here are a list of the top 2022 wireless tech promo product trends:

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

wireless earbuds

Swiss Peak TWS Earbuds. Courtesy of Bpromo, 2021.

Nowadays, when it comes to custom branded tech products, usability and portability is key. This is what makes custom wireless bluetooth earbuds and headphones such an ideal, affordable investment. With more and more people working remotely from home, meetings are going virtual making wireless bluetooth earbuds and headphones a workplace necessity.

Your customers will love them as they don’t have to worry about the earbuds running out of power quickly as they can charge them in between meetings or work calls in the rechargeable case. The ergonomic design and built-in microphone of the earbuds also means that your customers working from home can move around the house and do tasks hands-free while on work calls (Delta Marketing, 2022).

Bpromo’s wireless earbuds have a large space for logo imprints on the earbud’s box packaging and the case the earbuds come in. You can choose to wrap the earbud packaging in your brand or company’s signature colours for maximised brand awareness.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Brick Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Courtesy of Bpromo, 2022.

The small size, portability, waterproofing and bluetooth properties of this type of speaker means that your customers can take these babies anywhere, whether it’s to a pool party, the beach, gym or a hiking trip! Since they are water proof people can enjoy these moments without having to worry about the item becoming damaged. In addition to their durability, wireless bluetooth speakers are something that any customer can use, making them a product worth investing in (Bpromo, 2022).

At Bpromo, we can help you amplify your brand, through printing options including digital inkjet imprint your logo design onto the speaker, or mirror laser engrave your logo on the aluminium part of the speaker.

Wireless Power Banks/Chargers

wireless powerbank/chargerBoost Wireless Power Bank. Courtesy of Bpromo, 2022.

Let’s face it, these days we take our smartphones with us everywhere and we use them all day long. This has led to the insane demand for wireless chargers and power banks, which has become possible through inductive charging. These devices are stylish, minimal, and super convenient as you can recharge the power bank or wireless charger at the same time as wireless charging your smartphone. Never again will your customers have to battle with their charging cables (Delta Marketing, 2022).

We highly recommend getting one of these wireless charging devices onto your target market’s work desks, as they are an item that will be used again and again subsequently generating lots of impressions. Bpromo offers your business or company the option to digitally print your logo design onto the front of either white or black coloured wireless power banks and/or chargers.

Smart Fitness Watches/ Pedometers

smart fitness watches Rampage Sports Watch. Courtesy of Bpromo, 2022.

Over the past couple decades, the health and wellness movement has boomed, seeing more and more people being interested in getting fit and making major changes to their diets. With this, promotional smart fitness watches/pedometers are fast becoming a popular corporate giveaway or gift. These devices are the perfect marketing tool for businesses in the health and fitness industries, such as physiotherapist clinic owners, fitness equipment suppliers, health food suppliers, medical centres and personal trainers (Positive Promotions, 2022).

At Bpromo, our Rampage Sports Watch would be perfect as a corporate gift at your next health, wellness and fitness expo, private event or virtual giveaway. Your business or company can get your logo printed onto the silicone wristband of the watch. Our sports watch also comes in a selection of gorgeous colours to allow for a better match with your brand’s logo colouring, style and brand image. The smart watch’s colour screen touch display, water resistance and pedometer functions make these super convenient, portable smart watches all the more desirable as a promo product for these industries aimed at motivating people to get their bodies moving!

E-Memo Boards

E-memo board

E-Memo Board. Courtesy of Bpromo, 2022.

Reduce paper waste created by shopping lists and memos with our e-memo board. Your customers will see your logo printed at the top of the screen every time they go to make a note or reminder on the board. With the board’s magnetic backing, you can push your brand exposure even more as your customers will see your logo every time they write down an item for the shopping list or everytime they go to the fridge for a snack (Bpromo, 2022).

We hope you found this list of top 2022 wireless tech promotional product trends helpful. If you have any questions or would like to get your logo on some promotional products, contact our friendly team here.

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