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T-shirts: A Wardrobe Staple that will never go out of fashion

T-shirts: A Wardrobe Staple that will never go out of fashion

T-shirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't wear them on the regular. We all love them because they are so incredibly comfortable and versatile. T-shirts can be dressed up or down for different occasions and can make a strong fashion or political statement. They are the perfect blank canvas to promote just about anything - basically the ultimate walking billboard (99 Designs, 2018). You just have to make sure to create a design that consumers will want to wear, because nobody wants to miss a fashion opportunity!

Image by Taylor. Courtesy of Unsplash, 2021.

If you are a business, school, charity, sports club or event, t-shirts provide an easy way to advertise your brand’s image or message to your specific clients or audience. There may be some initial set-up costs, but not to worry as once you develop a regular customer base, you will be able to make your money back plus profit. Since t-shirts are an everyday staple item, people won’t spend too much time deliberating the purchase of them as they know they could always do with another (Promotional Products, 2021).

Here’s some design ideas for different kinds of promotional tees:

Tees for startups and businesses

Design by Alinas Ink. Courtesy of 99 Designs, 2021

Design by Anak Alam for food company Free Range. Courtesy of 99 Designs, 2021

Seeing that clothing has the incredible ability to boost self-confidence, it can have the same effect on your business by enhancing your brand’s image. The key challenge when creating a t-shirt design for a business is how to get people to want to wear it. As such, it’s important to focus upon imagery that authentically represents your business and tells a story, rather than just your logo or slogan, which will make the design feel like an ad. If your brand personality lends itself to powerful imagery, let go of sales pitches and focus on the artistic elements. Ultimately, you want to create a design that people will want to wear because it looks good, not because it's associated with your business (99 Designs, 2021).

Tees for events and conferences 

2019-2020 Woodfold Festival poster and tee design. Courtesy of Woodford Folk Festival, 2019.

Event tee design by Alex Lalov Designs. Courtesy of 99 designs, 2021.

For events and conferences, tees are a great item that participants can look back on. Your audience is already invested enough that they’ve purchased a ticket, so they are more than likely to buy a tee that will connect them with their experience at the event. Take advantage of annually recurring events by developing a consistent design that changes and gets better every year, thus implying that every event will be different and better than the last (99 Designs, 2021).

Sports teams 

Soccer mascot t-shirt design by Bathi. Courtesy of 99 Designs, 2021

Super Bowl tee design by Johnny Dias. Courtesy of 99 designs, 2021.

T-shirts make perfect promo and merchandise items for sports teams fans. Obsessive fans are always keen to show their allegiance with a tee. To create a successful design, try reimagining your logo, such as taking a new vintage approach. You can also take advantage of equipment and other common sports imagery for creative illustrations. This way you can appeal to entire sports communities rather than just specific team fans (99 Designs, 2021).

Non-for-profits and charities 

T-shirt illustration by Dudeowl for Greenhounddog. Courtesy of 99 Designs, 2021.

Hand drawn charity tee design by Okeykat. Courtesy of 99 Designs, 2021.

Tees don’t have to just make fashion statements, they can also communicate important messages and encourage change. Consumers are very willing to buy and wear tees from charities because it is supporting a good cause. In wearing them, the consumers will be able to feel a sense of pride that they have given back to an important cause; that they have done their bit in society. Tees are a great way of promoting awareness and even if the subject matter is heavy, the design doesn’t have to be. Creating a design that captures people’s attention is the ultimate goal so that your organisation's important message can be furthered (99 Designs, 2021).

At BPromo, we offer a huge range of tee options from a variety of suppliers. One of them being AS Colour, which focuses upon creating sustainable basics through their involvement with the amfori BSCI initiative, the Global Organic Textile Standard and Better Cotton Initiative. We offer a huge range of mens and womens styles that will make the perfect canvas for your next tee design. So get in touch with our friendly team today!


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