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How to Successfully Utilise Promotional Products in 2021

How to Successfully Utilise Promotional Products in 2021

Even though many people are stuck working from home, it hasn’t stopped businesses from effectively marketing their promotional products in 2021. Savvy business owners have taken to marketing their products via Zoom or Google Meets calls, social media posts and mail deliveries. When used right, promotional merchandise is a great way of marketing your brand and creating enduring connections.

Courtesy of CPC Printing and Promotions, 2021.

So, if your business is stumped as to how to tackle the promo product market in 2021, firstly consider: what kinds of products will resonate with my organisation’s audience? Which products will give you the best return on your investment? And, which products will best represent your organisation's values?

To help your business, we’ve created a guide of how to select and utilise promotional products effectively in 2021:

Choose products your target market will love

Understanding your target market and customers is an essential part of all marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to the choice of promotional products. Learning about your audience is the only way that you can make informed decisions and choose products that will hit the mark.

Choosing products that align with customers core values is the way to go. For example, consider choosing products that are sustainable. In many demographics today, sustainability is a high priority as people are aware of their impact on our planet. Utilizing products that are composed of recyclable or biodegradable materials are likely to be particularly appealing and will also show that your business cares about the environment (Promotional Products, 2020).

Wolverine 350ml Vacuum Tumbler reusable coffee cup. Courtesy of BPromo, 2021.

Use products that will get seen

There are two types of promotional products that perform well: practical products and creative products. A practical product is an item that is used regularly, and as such is seen over and over again. Examples of practical products are items such as drink bottles, bags, pens and mugs, things that everyone uses regularly. On the whole, practical products perform the best, however there are some examples where creative products can be a great way of representing your business and creating a memorable experience. For example, a house-shaped key ring is the perfect product to represent a real estate agency (Go Promotional, 2021).

Practical promotional products. Courtesy of Go Promotional, 2021.

Combine with other marketing channels 

Consistency across all of your marketing channels is crucial to achieving the best return on your investment. There are many creative possibilities for ways in which you can incorporate branded merchandise into your marketing strategies. One of the best ways of doing this is featuring promotional merch on your businesses social media platforms. You can try branding products with a unique hashtag, running competitions where your audience can win products and encouraging people to post pics of themselves with freebies (Promotional Products, 2020).

Social media platforms. Courtesy of iStock, 2020.

Calculate your expected ROI

Calculating your expected ROI (return on investment) is an important part of the process. The common misconception is that ‘cheaper is better’ - this is not always the case. The useful life of the product and how it's received by your audience are also very important factors. Basically, the longer someone can use your product, the more exposure and return on investment you will be getting. A simple example is pens. You could choose a super cheap pen, but it will only have a small ink capacity meaning people will soon throw it out and the pen’s value will be lost. On the other hand, you could choose a pen that is slightly more expensive but has a larger ink capacity, ultimately gathering a much higher number of impressions overtime (Promotional Products, 2020).

ROI. Courtesy of SM Themes, 2021.

Be purpose driven

Create defined goals for your promotional merchandise. What are you trying to achieve through the distribution of your promotional merchandise? There are a number of different goals you could be striving for. You may be trying to generate exposure, create customer loyalty, spread a specific message or even increase employee satisfaction through gifting. This purpose will influence the kinds of products you choose. If you are trying to reach new customers, choosing useful products is a great choice, while if using the promotional merch to create customer loyalty or reward employees you may wish to choose products that are more creative and indulge the receiver, making them feel special (Promotional Products, 2020).

Goals. Image by Markus Winkler, courtesy of Unsplash, 2020.

Give your products to the right people 

Being targeted with who you distribute your products to is crucial. This step goes hand in hand with knowing your target market. Giving your promotional merchandise to 20 people that are likely to buy your products and become advocates for your brand is far more worthwhile than handing out freebies to 100 people who will never buy your products or support your brand. Be careful and targeted as this step allows you to make huge savings and will ensure that your logo and message reaches the right people (Promotional Products, 2021). 

Make sure your message gets through to your audience 

Make sure you carefully consider the message and design you intend to display on your promotional products. Think about whether you would like to include words and design or just a logo. If using text, the message conveyed needs to be short and relatable. Good promotional messages will communicate what you are offering, your company's core values and what customers can expect from you. Focus upon being warm, inviting and professional (Go Promotional, 2021). 

Testing and recipient feedback 

Don’t be afraid to test out different strategies and products and find what works and what doesn’t. This will help guide your marketing campaigns and ensure that you are always improving your products and strategies. Feedback from recipients about your promotional products is the perfect way to gauge how well you're doing. Ask what they liked/disliked about the products and whether they would use them regularly. Start a conversation with your customers and find out what works (Go Promotional, 2021). 

Feedback. Courtesy of Musical Writers, 2021.

We hope this has got you thinking in a more in depth way about your usage and choice of promotional products and how can maximise their effectiveness. As always the friendly BPromo team is happy to help and provide recommendations as to what might suit your business best. Get in touch today!


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